Poems by E.C.Gardiner


Poems on this website have appeared previously in: Ally (California, USA),  The Anglo-Welsh Review, The Big Little Poem (postcard) Series, Caret, The Critical Quarterly, Island (British Columbia, Canada), Lancaster Poetry Festival Anthology, Liberal Education, Outposts, Outposts New Poets Supplement, Poesis, The Use of English, and in the collection Notes on Spontaneous Cases (Platform Poets, Durham).  In a review of Notes an American critic commented: “The most intriguing aspect of this collection… is the unique and masterful manner in which [this poet] so completely assumes a varied voice… the rare skill to alter the technical elements of his writing to suit each particular poem. This is high praise.”

A number of these poems have been performed in concerts designed as “meeting points for literature, music, and theatre”. Several of these compositions, with music by Edward Lee, have been recorded at Thameside Studios, London, and issued as the CD Gargoyle.

Fenland Fugue was first broadcast on 7 April 2019 on Riverside Radio, performed by Pete  Handley. The poem features also in Edward Lee’s extended words and music composition Guthlac. The version available here is slightly amended from those productions.



Stories from John Gowers’s Confessio Amantis (Confessions of a Lover), first manuscript 1390.

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